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1 killed, 8 injured in Harlem Mass Shooting hours music festival bloodbath

1 killed, 8 injured in Harlem Mass Shooting hours music festival bloodbath



AT least one person is dead and eight others have been injured following a mass shooting in Harlem.

The nocturnal shooting in Harlem resulted in the shooting of nine persons, including one person who died as a result of their injuries.

Around 12:35 in the morning on Monday, nine people, including seven men and two women, ranging in age from 21 to 42, were injured in the vicinity of Fifth Avenue and East 139th Street.

Gunfire rang out as the victims were having a late-night get-together with friends and family.

One local resident told FOX3 News that she couldn’t believe her ears after hearing so many gunshots.

In her own words, “all I heard while sitting in my living room was the occasional sound of gunfire being fired.” “Like, ‘Prong!’ was all I could say. Then it abruptly ceased and then resumed, ‘Brum, brum!” You know, there were a lot of shots. To begin with, I mistook this for fireworks. which led me to believe that it was impossible.”

When police arrived at the area, they were told that two parties were engaged in a shootout.

According to Brian McGee, deputy chief of the New York City Police Department, “We just believe that it was a gathering, like a BBQ.”

Five of the victims were found shot on a path over the Harlem River Drive. The rest of them got to Harlem Hospital.

At Lincoln Hospital, it was determined that a guy in his 21st year had passed away.

It is assumed that the other eight victims do not have injuries that pose a threat to their lives.

The majority of the victims had bullet wounds to the torso. In addition, there were those who hurt their legs, backs, and even their fingers.

At the scene, one firearm was found.

There were no immediate arrests, and the reason for the shooting remained a mystery.

The investigation into this event is still ongoing, and police are appealing to the public for assistance.

Dial either 1-888-57-PISTA or 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) to reach the Crime Stoppers Hotline of the New York Police Department (74782). You can also submit tips by going to the CrimeStoppers website at or by sending a message to @NYPDTips on Twitter. Both of these options are available.

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