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13-year-old LaQuan Rich-Cabbagestalk allegedly shot and killed Chase Jones in Clairton

Court documents indicate 13-year-old LaQuan Rich-Cabbagestalk allegedly shot and killed another 13-year-old Chase Jones last night in Clairton.

Photo courtesy: WTAE Photojournalist Noah Vereb.

Following a shooting that resulted in a fatality in Clairton, a warrant for the arrest of a kid aged 13 has been issued.

On Monday evening, just before 9:30, emergency personnel were initially dispatched to Wilson Avenue in response to a demand for assistance.

A teenage guy was discovered shot and his death was pronounced at the site. Chase Jones, who was only 13 years old at the time of the incident, has been identified as the victim.

Laquan Rich-Cabbagestalk, age 13, is accused of shooting Jones after a witness claims he heard a gunshot while playing video games with Jones and two other people. Rich-Cabbagestalk is then overheard saying, “I shot him,” according to the witness.

Another witness says Rich-Cabbagestalk said “I’m sorry” and said that he had shot Jones.

The witnesses informed the police. Rich-Cabbagestalk rushed away from the incident, and law enforcement investigators later found a firearm in the vicinity of where he was running when he left the house.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the individual known as Rich-Cabbagestalk. He is being investigated for both criminal homicide and for being a minor in possession of a handgun.

According to the police, Rich-Cabbagestalk is currently enrolled in the Clairton City School District.

According to the announcement made by the school system, today’s classes will be cancelled “because to a tragedy that occurred in our community.”

Any students in need will be connected with counsellors.

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