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15-year-old Elia Olson charged after allegedly shooting Jazlene Jones during breakup

Olson’s next court hearing is scheduled for April 3.



On March 2, a 15-year-old boy from Racine was ordered to stand trial after allegedly shooting his girlfriend multiple times in the head.

Elia Olson is facing charges of attempted first degree intentional homicide and possession of a dangerous weapon as a minor.

According to a criminal complaint, the shooting occurred after Jazlene Jones, identified as the victim, attempted to end her relationship with Olson.

The complaint states that after the first shot, Jones pleaded for her life, but Olson responded by saying that she had to die and proceeded to shoot her in the head at least three more times.

Jones survived by fleeing and seeking help from a passing motorist.

Olson’s next court hearing is scheduled for April 3.

According to the victim’s family, the two had been dating for approximately a year, and the shooting has had a profound impact on their lives.

On what appeared to be a typical Sunday, 14-year-old Jazlene’s life was tragically altered. Reports suggest that Jazlene and her 14-year-old boyfriend had gone to a store together but were accosted near abandoned train tracks on their way back.

As per the criminal complaint, Jazlene told her boyfriend that she wanted to end their relationship, after which he allegedly instructed her to turn off her phone before shooting her in the head.

He later confessed to the authorities that he was furious about a Snapchat post and the breakup.

Remarkably, Jazlene managed to escape and seek help from a motorist near 21st and South Memorial Drive after her boyfriend went to retrieve her abandoned phone on the tracks.

The suspect fled the scene after the shooting, but the police located him at a friend’s residence, where they found a backpack containing a handgun and two magazines.

Additionally, bloody clothing and shoes were discovered at his home. According to her family members, Jazlene is currently in intensive care as of Tuesday night.

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