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15-year-old Overbrook High School student shot while walking to campus

Police say a 15-year-old male was shot at 61st and Jefferson streets prompting a lockdown at nearby Overbook High School.

After being shot during a flurry of gunfire that occurred near Overbrook High School on Tuesday morning, a freshman student at the school is currently recovering from his injuries.

According to the police, it took place at 8:30 in the morning at the intersection of 61st and Jefferson streets, which is only a few blocks away from the school. A student who was 15 years old and another student were walking to school together when shots fired.

The young man, 15, sustained gunshot wounds to the right thigh and right arm. It is not known whether the student was the intended target of the shooting, but a representative for the School District of Philadelphia stated that it is a miracle that he was not killed.

“He is lucky to be alive,” she said. “I see 32 shell casings here in West Philadelphia between Nassau and Jefferson on 61st Street. So it’s a blessing and a miracle that he’s alive.”

The student required medical attention and was sent to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where his status has been reported as being stable. According to Braxton, Dr. Khalilah Johnson, the principal of Overbrook High School, is supporting the student.

According to Braxton, “the school principal is currently at the hospital with the student while he is receiving treatment, and she is inconsolable.” This is quite understandable given that this is the fifth youngster who has been injured by gunfire in this school year.

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