2 men raped a Male tourist after dragging him into a Spanish riverbed

A MALE tourist was allegedly raped by two men after being dragged towards an old riverbed while visiting a Spanish holiday hotspot.

The man, who is 28 years old, reported to the authorities that he was assaulted on the final evening of his vacation in the city of Valencia, which is located on the east coast.

It is reported that in the early hours of June 18, he consented to go for a walk with two individuals that he had met in the neighborhood of El Carmen.

After arriving at an abandoned riverbed, the two individuals are said to have pounced on the victim and sexually attacked him.

The vacationer reportedly told cops that his clothing were ripped off before he was forced to have sex with the pair. This information was obtained from the local media.

The police are currently searching for two individuals who are described as being “of Arabic ancestry with a French accent” and who barely know a few words of English.

In the wake of what happened, the alleged victim went to the La Fe Hospital in Valencia.

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During an examination, it was reported that medical professionals discovered injuries that were compatible with rape.

Yesterday morning, we tried to get in touch with the National Police in Valencia to get their take on the situation, but we were unsuccessful. The news of the incident has only recently become public.

According to what we know, there have been no arrests made as of yet.

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