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3-alarm fire at chemical company near Downtown Omaha

3-alarm fire at chemical company near Downtown Omaha



A FIRE has triggered explosions in downtown Omaha, where first responders are battling a massive blaze at a chemical production company.

Firefighters issued a shelter-in-place warning as they observed a huge cloud of smoke rising from the building and flames devouring portions of it.

Fire engines were reportedly forced to retreat because of the influx of blazing fuel from the burning building.

As firemen work to keep the blaze under control, propane tanks are bursting and walls are collapsing.

As more units approach, the Omaha Fire Department is urging people to stay away from the location.

Even so, there is a big traffic jam around the area, which makes it harder for more officials to get there.


As they battle a three-alarm fire in downtown, officials from Douglas County asked the public to remember their first responders and firefighters.

Around 7 p.m. local time, emergency personnel were dispatched to the Nox Crete building. Some local news outlets have reported on the company’s work in chemical sealants for concrete.

Additionally, the Foam Taskforce has been called in.


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