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3 bodies found in home after being tied up with cords, locked in basement and brutally stabbed

3 bodies found in home after being tied up with cords, locked in basement and brutally stabbed



THREE bodies have been found decomposing with brutal stab wounds after a mystery killing in a New York City home.

One of the victims was found bound with electrical cables and duct tape in a bedroom located on the second floor of the Queens home. The other two victims, a mother and her son, were found imprisoned in a room located in the basement of the residence.

Varshana “Brittany” Malcolm, 22, her mother Karlene Barnett, 55, and Dervon Brightly, 36, have been named as the victims.

According to the claims, Malcolm was discovered lying on the bed with both her hands and her lips taped shut. Her eyes were also reportedly taped shut.

She suffered many stab wounds to the chest as well as one to the neck during the attack.

Both Brightly and Barnett had multiple stab wounds in addition to blunt force trauma to the head when they were attacked.

Malcolm was a friend of the family who was in town from Jamaica.

According to the authorities, the remains had been inside the house for at least three days prior to being found on Friday by Barnett’s other son. This information was provided by the police.

Before the cops arrived, neighbors said they didn’t give much thought to a foul-smelling odor coming from the house since they didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Who would do something like that?” Cutting a woman in half after she’s been tied up. Isaiah Adams, a neighbor, told the FOX3 News, “It’s ridiculous.”

In addition to owning the property, Barnett also lived there with her other son, who was the one who found the bloody scene on Friday after returning home.

According to a neighbor named Zaman Asm, “They were a Jamaican family and they lived here longer than us, for a very long time.”

“The mother is an admirable and pleasant individual. Nothing has been brought to my attention. It’s unsettling that something like this took place.

The son who made the discovery was taken into custody by the police at first, but he was let go later.

A source within the police department stated that it was not immediately evident why the three victims were singled out for attack.

At this time, there have been no individuals taken into custody.


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