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5 people injured in shooting at IFIXUGLY barber shop in Cleveland, 1 in critical condition

5 people shot and injured at IFIXUGLY barber shop on the corner of state road and Saratoga avenue on Cleveland Westside.



5 people shot at Cleveland barbershop, 1 in critical condition Police say a man entered the shop and began firing at people inside. The man then left in a red, four-door vehicle.

On Thursday afternoon, a shooting took place at a barbershop in Cleveland, Ohio, resulting in the injuries of five persons.

According to information provided by the Cleveland Division of Police, the incident took place at the IFIXUGLY barbershop, which is situated at 4497 State Road.

The question of whether or whether somebody inside the store fired shots in response is also being investigated by the detectives.

According to the reports of the police, one of the five people who were wounded suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and is currently in critical condition. Wounds that were not considered life-threatening were sustained by a female, age 29, and four males ranging in age from 19 to 34. Everyone was taken to the MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.

Tim Gillespie is the proprietor of the retail establishment. He stated that the store is a location where people may go to improve their mood, and that his objective is to contribute positively to the local community.

“The company that we have here is successful. People love us. The people in the community adore us. It’s our business to provide out free haircuts and brand new pairs of tennis shoes on a regular basis; this is what we do. People are a priority for us “he remarked. “I’m praying for everyone involved because you have to have God in your life to be that bad and to do something like that,” I said.

According to Gillespie, Thursday began the same way as every other day. The barbershop had a lot of customers and was very active. He stated that three individuals who did not have appointments went in just before the shooting occurred. He requested that his other barbers tend to the needs of the customers.

“I say, “Hey, could you take care of these guys quickly?” Since this is what we do. We try to meet people’s needs. We give people help, “he said.

The chaos began just as his workers were wrapping up, and he was attending to a customer at the same time. According to the police, a man walked in and started shooting.

“I heard the first shot, and when I heard it, I dropped to the ground,” Gillespie said. “I hid myself. I hid and said a prayer.”

He claimed that he heard approximately forty bullets in all, and that there were approximately twenty individuals inside the business when the incident occurred. He said that two of his employees had injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening. Gillespie, though, stated that he had the impression that the shooters were aiming for his clients.

“The three guys who walked in for walk-in service were followed here, in my words. They chose who to shoot, “he said.

Police are still looking into what happened, so no one has been arrested yet.

The reason why the shooting happened is still being looked into. If you know anything, please call 216-621-1234. Calling Crimestoppers at 216-25-CRIME is a way to give information without giving your name.

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