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Aaron Dudley arrested for stabbing pregnant sister N’kya Rebecca Logan to death and burning her body

Aaron Dudley arrested for allegedly stabbing to death his pregnant sister N’kya Rebecca Logan and setting her body on fire just days after her baby shower, police said.

Police in California say they have arrested a guy on suspicion of murdering his significantly pregnant sister by stabbing her to death and then lighting fire to her body just a few days after throwing her a baby shower.

Aaron Dudley, age 41, was taken into custody on Wednesday, December 14, by the Fresno Police Department for the killings of N’kya Rebecca Logan, age 26, and her unborn son in Fresno. The Fresno Police Department announced Dudley’s arrest on Wednesday.

The body of Logan was found on fire and set ablaze by a maintenance team on Tuesday afternoon, December 13, close to an apartment complex located in the 4400 block of North Cornelia Street.

When police were called to the scene, a witness reported seeing a suspicious individual drive a trash can along an unpaved road close to the housing complex before lighting its contents on fire.

Dudley was allegedly seen pushing the trash can in the vicinity on the day of the incident, according to surveillance footage, according to the police.

Police were carrying out a search warrant at the west Fresno home that Dudley occupied with his sister and their mother when he tried to flee and was caught.

According to the authorities, Logan had her baby shower on December 11, just two days before she was killed, while she was 36 weeks pregnant.

The killing, according to Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama, was “horrific.”

Noah was Logan’s planned baby boy’s name, according to Balderrama. According to the chief, the child was stabbed numerous times inside the uterus and did not survive.

The authorities think that Dudley repeatedly stabbed his younger sister with an edged blade, dropped her body in the city garbage bin, moved the container four blocks to a dirt road, doused the corpse with gasoline, and set fire to it.

The police did not speculate on what may have led to the killing, but they did disclose that officers had been summoned to the house of the siblings on July 28, 2021, after Logan expressed concern for her own safety and reported that she had received threats.

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Further information wasn't immediately available.


Following the shooting, both fled the scene in opposite directions.


Police officers who responded to the call discovered the sobbing baby inside the trash can.


No officer was reportedly injured by the gunfire.