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Suspect arrested after McMinnville incident

Active shooter shelter in place incident in McMinnville, Oregon today. Barricaded man in house. Lots of gunfire. He’s in custody. No word on if there were injuries.

Police said on their Facebook page that one person is in custody after “a law enforcement issue” in the southwest part of McMinnville.

At this point, there aren’t many details, but the authorities have said that the area is safe.

Law enforcement will be in the area continuing the investigation.

A press release will be provided about the incident.


Several people in McMinnville, Oregon, have called the police about a possible bomb or shooting threat today, July 30, 2022. According to the McMinnville, OR, police department, people on Mt. Mazama Street in the West Hills neighborhood have been told to stay in place because of the reports. Several people say that a person in a car is driving around and throwing what look like IEDs (improvised explosive devices) around the neighborhood.

Authorities say that multiple roads are closed right now while multiple departments look into the situation, which may involve a standoff or hostages. Right now, the intersections of 2nd Street and Mt. Mazama and 2nd and Hill Rd. are closed. Drivers are asked to find other routes, and people who live in the area have been told to STAY AWAY. This is ACTIVE RESEARCH. The Beaverton Police Department and the McMinnville Police Department are two of the departments that came to help. Several ambulances and fire departments are coming to help with the situation.

After a few hours of looking into the situation, the McMinnville, Oregon, police department lifted the “shelter in place” order. People can now go about their normal lives, as officials say there are no more threats to the public. More information about what happened today wasn’t given right away by the department. At the time this article was written, no suspicious information had been made public.

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