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Fight results in shooting at the Arbor Place mall in Douglasville

There are reports of an active shooter at Arbor Place mall in Douglasville, Georgia



According to the Douglasville police department, the shooting that occurred at Arbor Place mall on Saturday afternoon was precipitated by a fight between two females.

According to the Douglasville police department, a gunshot occurred at the Arbor Place mall on Saturday afternoon after an argument between two women.

The department stated that it had received calls of shots being fired near the security entrance of the mall in a tweet that was issued just before 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

The officers who responded found no victims of gunshot wounds inside, and they reported that there were no active shooters present at the location.

According to the statement made by the department, “initial video reveals the incident was a physical fight (between) two females.” During the course of the altercation, a firearm was fired at some point. After that, both women ran away from the shopping center quickly.

According to Maj. J.R. Davidson of the Douglasville Police Department, no one was hit by the gunshots; however, at least one person was hurt after falling while trying to flee the scene. That individual was transported in an ambulance to the medical facility.

The two women who were involved are still being sought after by the authorities.

A number of customers stated that they took cover inside stores after hearing the shooting. Others reported that they snatched their goods and bolted from the shopping center as swiftly as they could.

After the incident, Arbor Place continued to be open to the public; however, the entrance nearest to the movie theatre was closed on Saturday afternoon as police conducted their investigation.

A user posted on Facebook, “We went to Arbor Place Mall to watch a movie and before we could even get in to watch our movie someone started shooting and fights were breaking out everywhere. They had to bring SWAT in and I know every single police officer in Douglas County was here too. Smdh”.

Another said, “Do not come to Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville. We made it inside the door and we was warned there was someone inside with a gun. As soon as we got to the door to go outside we heard screams and gun shots. Luckily we made it back to our car safely. I’m so thankful the Lord made us late coming tonight and those 2 girls just happened to meet us and warn us”.

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