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Police clear Arizona Mills Mall after reports of a man with a gun

Tempe police officer rush into Arizona Mills Mall, believe to be an active shooter. Reports of a shooter inside

Tempe police officer rush into Arizona Mills Mall, believe to be an active shooter. Reports of a shooter inside


Investigators say there was an altercation at the Arizona mills mall between a man and another person, which led to the man pulling out a gun and pointing it at the other person. Before police arrived at the scene, the suspect ran.

Reunification at entry 3. Fire Department on scene. So far NO INJURIES. No confirmed shots fired. PD searching the mall slowly and thoroughly.

PIO heading to scene. Will provide update in about 30 minutes at CVS pharmacy parking lot

Police in Tempe have confirmed that they are going to the mall to help with a situation after multiple shoppers said they heard gunshots.

Tempe Police saying We are working an incident at the Arizona Mills mall. Please avoid the area.

One shopper said he was playing with a dog when he heard several gunshots.

In a Facebook post, the man said, “This guy came in with a gun and started shooting inside the mall. People were running, screaming, and falling.”

Eyewitness account of shooting inside Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe, Arizona. 2 males begin fighting in the store when 1 suspect pulled out gun. People began to run and the shooter went further into the mall and fired gun.

One persons said, “Active shooter situation is still going on. We had to hide in the back room of a store.”

Another said, “I can’t even make this up, me and Rach were playing with a puppy at the Arizona Mills mall in one of those rooms,when I hear POW POW POW POW, this dude came in with this gun and started shooting inside the mall, people running, screaming, falling. We grabbed the dog, and went out through the back door of store down through the basement and loading docks till it got us out of mall. I can’t even begin to explain how insane this was and this is the current world we live in. I will never in my life not have my gun on me again… ever”

Another man said, “My son works at Arizona Mills Mall, There is an active shooter. So I drove up there immediately and the whole building is surrounded by a minimum of 50 police cars. I’m texting with him right now he and his coworkers are locked in a storage closet. This would be a good time for prayers everybody”

More to follow….

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The other two injured children are in critical condition, but they are expected to recover.


The suspect fled the area prior to officers arriving on scene.