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Police investigating shooting at Chandler Mall; no victims located

There are reports of active shooter at Chandler Mall in Arizona



Chandler Police officials say they are investigating a shooting incident that happened at Chandler Mall. This incident is not an active shooting incident.

Chandler PD saying they are investigating a shooting at the Chandler Fashion Mall that happened outside. No victims have been located. This is NOT an active shooter incident. The suspects left prior to police arrival. No danger to the community or mall at this time. Ongoing investigation.

No victims have been found as a consequence of the event, and it is not an active shooter incident, according to a brief statement made by Sgt. Jason McClimans.

As per the initial reports many people heard gunshots at Chandler Mall. People started running away from the mall.

Some people are saying they did not heard any gunshots but they confirmed that there is heavy police presence at the mall.

Apple store in Chandler Mall in Arizona with no employees after reports of active shooter.

User tweets, “DONT GO TO CHANDLER MALL THERE IS AN ACTIVE SHOOTER. i dont know much rn, im locked in a bathroom. 911 has been called. check on your family & friends please”

Another said, “Just ran out of Chandler mall active shooter stay away”

One said, “Just had a possible active shooter situation at the Chandler fashion mall (heard the gunfire 10 min ago). Police are on the scene”

More to follow….

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