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1 person injured after shooting at the Inland Center shopping mall in San Bernardino

There are reports of an active shooter at Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino



Contrary to claims, according to the San Bernardino Police Department, this incident did not involve an active shooter.

An individual was shot on Friday afternoon at the Inland Center in San Bernardino, which prompted a rapid response from law enforcement officials.

The San Bernardino Police Department asserts that contrary to earlier accounts, this incident was not an active shooter situation at any point in time.

The incident, which the investigators believe may have been tied to gang activity, resulted in the shooting of one person outside of the food court area.

The victim, who has not been recognized at this time, was taken to the hospital in an emergency situation. It is uncertain what his or her condition is. There were no reports of any further injuries.

Police have not confirmed whether any arrests have been made or revealed information on the shooter or shooters.


Investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

We will provide any new information that we have in connection with this occurrence.


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