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Light fixture shattering causes gun scare at Tysons Corner Mall

There are unconfirmed reports of active shooter at Nordstrom in Tysons corner mall in McLean, Virginia



According to police, a damaged light fixture that shattered Sunday afternoon at Tysons Corner Mall in Tysons, Virginia, caused a fright.

Police are looking into reports of shooting inside Tysons Corner Mall on Sunday afternoon in Tysons, Virginia.

Fairfax County Police confirm to FOX3 that the boom that scared mall patrons was caused by a shattered light fixture, not gunfire.

Police did not say what happened to make the light fixture break.

The mall has now reopened as of 4:10 p.m.

Officers are at Tysons Corner Center, 1961 Chain Bridge Rd, in McLean for report of gunshots inside the mall. Nothing found at this point. Please avoid the area while officers continue to clear the mall.

One user tweets, “Just got chased out of Tysons because of an active shooter. Gotta love America”.

Another said, “Just fled @ShopTysons to shouts of active shooter in the Nordstrom. Full of back to school shoppers on tax free weekend at Tyson’s corner.”

Another person tweet, “There was a shooting situation at Nordstrom at Tysons Corner Center. I legit just left Nordstrom before this happened and in lockdown in another store waiting for an all clear from the police.:

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