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At least one police officer hurt after shooting at South Spokane near Exxon Gas station Washington

Multiple shots fired after active shooter incident at East 3rd and south Spokane street, Washington.



Multiple law enforcement agencies including a SWAT team, fire department, and first responders investigating in Spokane, Washington

Credit: Spokane News

Wednesday morning, a significant area of downtown Spokane is cordoned off as police attempt to apprehend a person they say was involved in an early morning robbery and shooting.

Earlier, the robbery suspect and police exchanged shots. One officer received medical treatment for minor injuries.

The suspect is currently locked in a vehicle at the intersection of Third and Arthur.

Spokane Police have cordoned off a large portion of downtown Spokane for hours and, as of 5:30 a.m., referred to this as a “active scene” and stated that they are still “engaged” with the suspect.

The 3rd Avenue is blocked between Pine and Arthur.

These roads will remain impassable until the problem has been resolved.

A number of police officers, including SWAT, have also surrounded the resident from whom the suspect ran. According to reports, the encounter left one officer hurt.

Video credit: Spokane News

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