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Aditya Verma allegedly joked ‘I’m a Taliban’ onboard an easyJet flight

A British teenager Aditya Verma allegedly joked: “I am a Taliban” on Snapchat and claimed he was going to blow up the easyJet plane he was travelling on.



A British teenager Aditya Verma allegedly joked: “I am a Taliban” on Snapchat and claimed he was going to blow up the easyJet plane he was travelling on.

An anti-terrorist police force and fighter jets were dispatched to the easyJet flight to the Spanish island of Menorca following the claimed hoax on board the plane.

The juvenile is in danger of receiving a criminal conviction and a large fine as a result of the alleged practical joke that was played on him while he and his companions were on their way to the vacation hotspot on Sunday.

Verma and five of his closest friends were going to take a trip to the island to celebrate Verma’s graduation from high school.

The young chess phenom who was born in India has been given the opportunity to begin his studies in business sciences at Cambridge University in the fall.

He was a standout student at St. Olave’s Grammar School in Orpington, which is located in southeast London. He was handcuffed and spent two nights in a prison cell on the island of Menorca before being brought into court by armed police.

On Tuesday morning, he made his initial court appearance in Mahon, the city of Menorca, wearing the identical pair of blue shorts and green shirt that he was said to have been wearing on the easyJet aircraft.

Yesterday, the judge decided that he be freed on bond in the amount of 10,000 Euros, but she also placed a travel ban on him and mandated that he appear in court once every two weeks.

After his mother traveled from the UK to be with him, he is reportedly still on the island.

Outside of the courthouse, the defendant’s mother gave an interview to the local media and said, “It was a joke.”

Should the Spanish court decide that the alleged crime was committed in the United Kingdom in accordance with international aviation law, he might be handed over to British police.

On Wednesday, sources within the police department alleged that Verma had sent the following message on Snapchat: “I’m going to blow this jet up, I’m a Taliban.”

The young man reportedly disclosed to the magistrate yesterday that his peers frequently refer to him as “Taliban” due to the fact that he has dark skin and is of Asian descent.

He might be subject to a fine of more than £100,000 if proven guilty.

Because it involves a matter of national security, the court is prepared to transfer the case to Spain’s National High Court in Madrid.

On Sunday, just before 5 o’clock local time, the authorities issued a warning as the easyJet flight EZY8303 was approaching the airport.

The passenger plane arrived at its destination half an hour later than it was supposed to, and a Spanish F-18 fighter jet was captured on film escorting the airliner to its landing.

According to reports, the passengers were delayed on the tarmac for a total of four hours while the investigation into the bomb threat was conducted.

It is suspected that the disturbance was the cause of a Ryanair flight departing for London two and a half hours later than scheduled.

If the teenager is found guilty, he will be responsible for paying not only the estimated 86,000 British pound cost of sending two F-18 fighter jets from a military base in Zaragoza, which is located in the north of Spain, to escort the easyJet flight to Menorca after the alarm was triggered, but also the cost of the extensive police operation.

After the plane had landed, bomb disposal specialists and dogs trained to detect explosives were brought in as part of the reaction. The plane was moved to a location that was removed from the primary portion of the airport so that it could be investigated before being deemed safe.

Reports that have not been verified indicate that Scotland Yard and French police were the ones who discovered the bomb threat on the Snapchat instant messaging service and informed Spanish law enforcement.

On Monday, a spokeswoman for the Civil Guard issued the following statement: “The Civil Guard has detained an 18-year-old British national as the alleged author of a public order infraction in Mahon in Menorca.”

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