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All clear after active shooter report at Riverview High School

No threat has been found, no one was injured and the Riverview High School has been cleared.



Officers with the Sarasota Police Department, who were called to assist the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office & Sarasota County Schools at Riverview High School, are now leaving the area. No threat has been found, no one was injured and the school has been cleared.

Riverview High School said the following statement:

The lockdown has been lifted at the school. The law enforcement investigation determined that the threat was unsubstantiated.

The school will begin a staggered dismissal of students shortly. Bus riders will be dismissed first, followed by student drivers, and lastly by all other students. Thank you.

A short while ago, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office received a call on an administrative non-emergency line into our Public Safety Communications Center from an individual with a foreign accent stating that an active shooter was at Riverview High School.

Sarasota Police said we are aware that several “swatting” calls to schools around the United States were alleged to have been made today.


Members of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office patrol and SWAT are on scene with other law enforcement partners.

Sarasota Police have NOT received a report of any gunfire and believe this to be a “swatting” call however we are treating this as an active shooter until proven otherwise.

SWAT team members are on site and leading a room by room sweep of the school while also making announcements to the faculty and student to stay in place as deputies make their way to each classroom.

We expect to have the entire school swept and examined shortly.


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