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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are engaged – She said YES!



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Confirming the news, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez have announced their engagement.

According to sources, the Amazon CEO proposed to his Emmy Award-winning journalist partner aboard his luxurious $500 million superyacht.

Over the weekend, the couple was spotted sharing affectionate moments and embracing on board the yacht named ‘Koru.’ Sanchez, aged 53, couldn’t hide the impressive rock adorning her ring finger, which sparkled like a Balearic Island, serving as tangible evidence of her affirmative response.

Captured in photographs, the newly engaged couple was spotted near the shores of Cannes, delighting in a Mediterranean adventure aboard Bezos’s remarkable $500 million superyacht.


Measuring an impressive 417 feet in length and towering 230 feet tall, the yacht named Koru ranks among the world’s largest sailing yachts.

Notably, it comes with a 250-foot support vessel that features its own helipad.

After arriving in Europe via a private jet, the couple made their first appearance on the superyacht’s deck over the past weekend, commencing their journey together in grand style.

Exuding his trademark flair for extravagance, the man renowned for constructing his own space rocket left no room for subtlety, offering a conspicuous hint that this voyage was dedicated to Sanchez. At the forefront of the boat, Bezos, 59, had a captivating figurehead installed, crafted with alluring curves.


The precise moment when this burnished golden sculpture, meticulously shaped from polished wood, became an integral part of the vessel’s design remains unclear. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the yacht was commissioned in 2018, a year prior to the exposure of Bezos and Sanchez’s affair, which unfolded in a whirlwind of scandal, ultimately leading to the end of their respective marriages.

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