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Multiple people are feared dead after Amtrak train derails near Kansas City while traveling from Chicago to LA

Amtrak train DERAILS and leaves families stranded on tracks in Missouri



The derailment of an Amtrak train in Missouri, close to Kansas City, is thought to have resulted in the deaths of multiple passengers.

Missouri police have declared a ‘major death incident’ after an Amtrak train crashed with a dump truck at a public railroad crossing and flipped.

FOX3 was informed by a local outlet that the incident resulted in the deaths of numerous persons, while the precise number of fatalities is unknown.

A derailment involving an Amtrak train that was carrying 243 passengers occurred close to Kansas City in Missouri. It is thought that multiple individuals were killed in the incident.

According to a spokeswoman with MU Health Care who talked to FOX3, three people are currently being transferred to University Hospital, with one of them being airlifted by helicopter.

At around 1:42 p.m. local time in Missouri, the Southwest Chief Train 4, which was on its way from Los Angeles to Chicago, was involved in a collision with the truck and went off the tracks at Mendon. Amtrak confirmed the information to FOX3 News on Monday afternoon.


Amtrak claimed in a statement that there were ‘early reports of casualties,’ and the company also mentioned that there were 243 passengers onboard the train at the time of the collision.

After colliding with a truck, eight railway carriages and two locomotives, along with the train engines, went off the tracks.

Emergency responders from the surrounding area have arrived at the location.

It is not yet known what led to the collision; however, one image that was provided by a survivor showed what appeared to be a damaged truck axle laying to one side of the rails.


One of the passengers aboard the train, Rob Nightengale, streamed live on Facebook not long after the accident that tipped at least eight of the railway carriages onto their sides.

In the video, the passengers of the derailed train find themselves in a world that has been turned upside down. They can be seen attempting to brace themselves awkwardly against the side of the derailed train car, all while avoiding walking on glass from the windows that have been shattered.

During a phone interview with CNN, Nightengale stated that passengers on the dining car and observation deck had the most difficult time evacuating the train and getting to safety.


According to reports, the derailment occurred Monday afternoon in Missouri.


According to reports, photographs taken at the scene show passengers standing atop crashed vehicles.

On Monday afternoon, the train that was headed from Chicago to Los Angeles went off the tracks somewhere in the vicinity of Salisbury.

Multiple people were hurt, and one person who made it out alive took pictures of themselves on top of the overturned cars.

A Twitter user named Durand posted the scary photos and wrote, “Oh no, #Amtrak derailed somewhere in #Missouri.”


Nylah Burton was on a different train that was hit by the crash.

She posted the following message on Twitter: “An @Amtrak train just derailed in Kansas City (there are likely fatalities but they don’t know all the facts) thus I’m trapped in Albuquerque tonight because the train can’t continue any further.”

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