Anastasia Stoluk, known as Nastya shot dead by drunk Russian troops

‘Drunk Russian soldiers’ shot dead 10-year-old Ukrainian girl Anastasia Stoluk in front of her uncle

Russian soldiers shot dead 10-year-old Anastasia Stoluk in a village near Kyiv after they got drunk, heard a gun go off and began firing at random.

A 10-year-old Ukrainian girl was killed by Russian troops who fired at random, according to her family.

Anastasia Stoluk, known as Nastya, was killed when troops shot into her house in Shybene, about 40 miles north of Kyiv, her cousin Anya Stoluk—18—told FOX3 Now.

According to Anya’s adoptive mother, Vera Dmitrienko, Stoluk was killed immediately. Also hit, but hospitalized, was an uncle who was with her. Although the family has been unable to get info on his condition, Dmitrienko says she hopes for a speedy recovery.

Spoken to Fox3, Dmitrienko said, “People say that the soldiers just got so bored. They were even telling this to people in the village.”

“They looted all the stores in the village,” she said. “Of course they got a lot of alcohol from the stores and got drunk and started shooting.”

The family said that Nastya was killed instantly from the gunshot.

The fatal gunshot fired in February may have been the result of a teenage boy finding a gun and firing it, Dmitrienko said.

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“The soldiers heard it, but since they were so drunk, they didn’t know where it was from, so they just started shooting. They shot in four houses and in one of those houses was Nastya.”

The soldiers refused to allow Luba, Nastya’s mother, to go to the cemetery, so she was buried in the yard, a cousin claimed.

The family also accused Russia of hiring actors to make a propaganda film that suggested villagers had warmly welcomed troops into their homes.

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Instead, the villagers say that the invaders have been forcing their way into homes to steal supplies in the village where food and electricity are already in short supply.

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