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Anne Heche taken off life support as donated organs paired with a recipient

Anne Heche was taken off life support Sunday night, as her donated organs have been paired with a recipient. She was 53 years old.



More than a week after her terrible accident, Anne Heche’s life support has been turned off.

According to a statement provided to FOX3 by a representative for the actress, “Anne Heche has been taken off of life support in a peaceful manner.” TMZ was the first to report the news that Anne’s physicians intended to remove her from life support on Sunday afternoon and then proceed with an operation to remove some of her organs for donation.

It is unclear how many organs Anne will donate or how many donor matches she will find.

On Friday, Anne’s death was officially acknowledged, which under the legislation of California signifies that the individual has passed away. The actress was kept on life support so that her organs could be collected after she passed away while her heart continued to beat.

Anne was engaged in a terrible vehicle accident on August 5, when she drove her Mini Cooper into a house in the Los Angeles region. She suffered severe burns in the accident and lost consciousness shortly after. Anne did not regain consciousness and remained in a coma for the rest of her life.

She was 53.


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