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Attacker Injures 3 At San Francisco International Airport

Attacker Injures 3 At San Francisco International Airport



Authorities say that three people were hurt in an attack at San Francisco International Airport.

On Friday, travelers were attacked inside a terminal at San Francisco International Airport, and three of them were left with scratches and scrapes before the suspect was taken into custody, according to the authorities.

Airport officials have stated that the attacker made an attempt to hurt passengers in the pre-security public area of the International Terminal at approximately six o’clock in the evening.

According to the officials, the passengers received treatment for their minor injuries before carrying on with their journeys, and other airport activities were not impacted in any way by the incident.

According to the airport duty manager Russell Mackey, who spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle, it was unclear whether the suspect was a traveler, and the reason for the attack was also a mystery.

A huge knife was found at the scene and taken by authorities, according to a reporter for KTVU-TV who was covering the homecoming of the Golden State Warriors at the airport.

Other information was not readily available at the time.

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