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Woman, 68, dies after having arm and leg ripped off by SHARK at Sharm El Sheikh beach

A TOURIST has died after she had her arm and leg ripped off by a shark in a horror attack in a tourist resort in Sharm El Sheikh.

A TOURIST has died after she had her arm and leg ripped off by a shark in a horror attack in a tourist resort in Sharm El Sheikh.

After the incident, the shocked bystanders saw the 68-year-old woman swimming frantically toward the shore in an attempt to reach safety.

The woman eventually passed away from “shock” while being transported in an ambulance.

Blood can be seen in the sea as the woman struggles to make her way back to the pier in the horrifying footage that was shot by Russian tourists and that FOX3 has chosen to share with the public.

The incident was witnessed by a big crowd, but no one was spotted entering the water to assist the woman in distress.

According to some other accounts, visitors jumped out of the water as soon as they saw the woman being mauled and attempted to “distract the shark from the victim.”

The unfortunate event took place at Sahl Hasheesh, a well-known bay located on the Egyptian shore of the Red Sea, not far from Sharm El Sheikh.

The victim, who was identified as being from Austria, was apparently married to an Egyptian guy and resided in the nation with him.

The Russian witnesses just mentioned that she was missing an arm; they did not indicate that her leg had been amputated.

Someone reportedly stated, “People are running inland from the water.” There is neither an ambulance nor anyone else to assist her at this time.

“She’s missing her arm all the way up to her elbow. She was turned around by the shark after it had seized her.

In point of fact, the woman made it to shore, but it appears that she passed away from intense shock brought on by the excruciating pain produced by the savage attack.

According to one account from Egypt, the retiree went swimming in the Sahl Hashish region on Friday. This region is located south of the vacation town of Hurghada.

“A shark bit off her arm and leg during her attack.

She made an independent attempt to reach shore.

“Medics showed up and transported her to the hospital.

“The physicians conducted resuscitation efforts while they were on their way, but they were unable to revive her heart.

“The woman passed away from a terrible shock while being transported in the ambulance.”

According to another story, “Doctors struggled for her life for a long time, giving her cardiopulmonary resuscitation,” but ultimately they were unable in saving her life.

According to local reports, water activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, and fishing were banned for the next three days between the Sahl Hasheesh area and Makadi Bay as a response to the incident that took place on Friday.

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