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British tourist Syed Bukhari plunged 100ft off a mountain in Haramosh, Himalayas

During a hiking trip, a wild mule chased a British tourist Syed Bukhari off a cliff and threw him down in Haramosh, Himalayas.

During a hiking trip, a wild mule chased a British tourist Syed Bukhari off a cliff and threw him down.

Syed Bukhari, who was 22 years old, fell 100 feet off a mountain in Haramosh, which is in the Himalayas, to get away from the dangerous animal.

The vacationer, who was from Walthamstow in London, intended to spend three days hiking through the breathtaking mountain range during his trip.

On the second day of his journey, however, he ran into some trouble when he came across a herd of mules while he was traversing the rocky terrain.

In spite of the fact that the local animals are, for the most part, docile, Syed seems to have presented himself as the ideal prey for one of them.

He was cornered when all of a sudden, a mule began galloping at him, and there was nowhere else for him to go but straight off the brink of a cliff.

It horrifyingly pushed him over the edge, causing him to fall down a distance of one hundred feet to the ground below.

Syed told, “The fall occurred so quickly that I only recall the animal attacking me and me going off the cliff while observing my friend’s reaction.

“I didn’t realize how high we were until I had descended the entire distance.

“The villagers promptly appeared with ropes. Some even descended to wrap the ropes around me and help my ascent.”

The unfortunate hiker then realized that he had lost his photographic equipment and damaged some of his things in the fall.

Syed elaborated on the events that transpired in the wake of his trauma as follows: “I was carried for six to eight hours, till we got back to base.”

“There, cars were able to access me, and I was brought to a local hospital where I was stitched up.” “There, vehicles were able to access me.”

After falling off the edge of the cliff, the 22-year-old sustained three distinct head wounds, all of which required a combined total of eight stitches to close.

The walker who had been injured continued by saying, “I’m left with back ache, scars on my face, legs, and back, pretty much all over my body.”

Syed, a seasoned traveler, uploaded footage of his terrifying accident to Instagram.

The video footage showed his hike both before and after the fall, and it left his fans in amazement of his incredible experience of being so close to death.

One of the people who saw your post said, “Glad to know you’re alive.”

Someone else stated: “Omg. I’m relieved to hear that, brother. I hope that you will make a rapid recovery.”

And a third person said, “May God bless the people who assisted you! It’s incredible that you were able to survive that!

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