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British woman sexually assaulted for two DAYS by Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis

British woman sexually assaulted for two DAYS by Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis



British woman, 30, claims she was subjected to two-day rape ordeal by director Paul Haggis: Oscar-winner is ordered not to leave Italy as cops probe alleged attack

Paul Haggis, the writer of the James Bond scripts, has been detained by Italian authorities while they investigate allegations that he sexually assaulted a British woman over the course of two days.

Flight attendants at Brindisi airport in southern Italy found the 30-year-old woman, who cannot be identified due to legal concerns, in a disoriented state early on Sunday morning.

She admitted to the officers that she had done so. It is believed that Haggis, who is now in Italy for a film festival that is set to begin on Tuesday, imprisoned and abused the woman for 48 hours before abandoning her at the airport.

Haggis, who is 69 years old, penned the scripts for the blockbuster movies starring Daniel Craig, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. He also earned an Academy Award for the screenplay he wrote for the smash hit film Crash, which was released in 2004.

As of Sunday, police had detained the Canadian-born filmmaker, screenwriter and producer for investigation of aggravated sexual abuse and aggravated bodily harm in Brindisi, an Italian port town in Puglia.

The accused victim was described as a ‘young foreign woman’ by them.

It has been reported by Italian state TV and other media outlets that she is an Englishwoman of thirty years of age and that she knew Haggis before he traveled to the tourist resort of Ostuni to take part in an arts festival.

The Italian lawyer representing Haggis could not be reached for comment on Monday because he was required to appear in court for other concerns.

An investigation into Haggis’ disappearance has led police to find him down at his Ostuni hotel where they conducted an interview with him before freeing him. They have now instructed him not to leave the country until he appears before an investigating judge in neighboring Brindisi.

‘He dropped me at the airport after two days of abuse,’ she informed authorities. In fact, he raped me while I was here because we were supposed to be working together.’

The woman is said to have landed in Italy on Wednesday of last week, and she was discovered at the airport in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A member of the crew who discovered her described her condition to the local media as “awful.” She was so upset that she had balled herself up into a ball and was crying. She continued to run her hands through her hair repeatedly.

Before I asked her what the problem was, I told her that she was safe and that nothing else would happen to her even though she could hardly talk at the time.

Paul Haggis, the director of the film, was the man she claimed to have been raped by in a hotel room, according to her story.’

She was sent to the hospital for treatment as part of Italy’s “pink procedure” for sexual assault victims, which includes psychological counseling, following an initial medical assessment at the airport’s health clinic.

Because of her severe ordeal, the medical examiner’s report stated that the woman was unable to engage in sexual activity.

Investigators are claimed to be reviewing security camera footage outside Haggis’ hotel room in Ostuni, a holiday town approximately an hour from Brindisi.

Haggis was initially detained in Brindisi, but he was later freed under house arrest in a hotel in Ostuni where he is currently staying under house detention.


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