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Chilling words of Claire Miller after she killed her wheelchair-bound sister Helen by stabbing her in the NECK

‘I would have killed someone sooner if I knew I was going to get McDonald’s’: Claire Miller told police after sister Helen death



‘I would have killed someone sooner if I knew I was going to get McDonald’s’: Girl told police after sister’s death

After the crippled victim was discovered dead with a knife in her neck, Claire Miller, now 16 years old, allegedly informed a police officer, “I Michael Myers’d my sister,” according to the prosecution.

In February 2021, upon responding to Claire’s “hysterical” 1 am phone call, police discovered Helen Miller, 19, viciously stabbed.

According to statements made by police following the event, Claire opened the door to the house in Pennsylvania when the authorities came and told them, “I stabbed my sister.”

After that, she led the officers to a bedroom where Helen was lying in a lifeless position.

Helen, who suffered from cerebral palsy and was unable to communicate verbally, was discovered by the police with a huge knife protruding from her neck.

A little over a year later, Claire’s future is up for debate during a hearing that aims to decide whether or not she will be tried as an adult for the homicide she is accused of committing or whether she will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

In accordance with Pennsylvania law, all homicide charges must be heard in adult courts; however, the defense attorney has asserted that Claire was experiencing symptoms of psychosis at the time of the incident, and he is requesting that she be rehabilitated in front of a juvenile court judge.

Robert Beyer, Claire’s attorney, argued in court that the suspect in her client’s murder had been having auditory hallucinations at the time of her client’s death, and that this was evidence that the suspect should be found not guilty.

On the other hand, a police officer from Manheim Township testified that Claire did not exhibit any signs of discomfort while he was monitoring her in juvenile custody.

The person who contacted 911 and reported Claire for criminal behavior “claimed she ‘killed her sister’ and she was ‘hysterical’ on the phone,” as stated in the criminal complaint against Claire.

When the officer got to the house the night of the murder, a woman who turned out to be the defendant, Claire Elaina Miller, was standing in front of the house and waved him down.

The officer said that Claire “repeatedly shouted, ‘I stabbed my sister,'” and the officer stated that he observed “what seemed to be blood in the snow near the driveway of the property.”

Miller “also had what seemed to be blood on her clothes,” according to the complaint, and “she appeared to be trying to wash her hands in the snow.”

The officer who kept watch over Claire testified that she confessed to him that she enjoyed horror films after he played the Halloween theme tune as part of a notification on his phone.

She allegedly said, “I Michael Myers’d my sister,” as reported by officer John Martin.

Martin added that when authorities gave Claire fast food in the juvenile prison facility, Claire was ecstatic.

Martin, purportedly quoting Claire, remarked, “Oooh, McDonald’s.”

If I had known I would get McDonald’s, I would have killed someone sooner.

A variety of illnesses have been assigned to Claire by psychiatrists, and they have testified that at the time Helen was killed, Claire was most likely hallucinating that she was stabbing something.

Helen had been stabbed five times, the coroner’s office testified in court. She was wounded three times in the neck, twice in the chest, and twice in the jaw.

In the middle of the reading of the autopsy report, Claire put in a request to be excused from the courtroom.

According to psychiatrists, Claire had hallucinations the night Helen was killed, which caused her to stab a “female voice” she believed was teasing her.

If Claire were to be tried in juvenile court, the prosecution and defense battled over whether she could be rehabilitated.

On July 18, the court is expected to decide how she will be tried.

She will remain detained at the Youth Intervention Center of the county until that time.

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