Clues reveal Kaitlin Armstrong escape plan after love triangle murder and what she’d look like in disguise

FUGITIVE yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong hastily sold her car below market value before going on the run after allegedly gunning down her cyclist love rival in a jealous rage, new documents show.

Having last been seen in New York City, days after being questioned by police about the shooting death of Moriah “Mo” Wilson, 25, in Austin, Texas, Armstrong, 34, has been missing since May 14.

Armstrong’s arrest was ordered on May 17, and the police say she should be thought of as armed and dangerous.

It was confirmed by the United States Marshals Service that Armstrong sold her vehicle, a black 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, to a CarMax store in south Austin for the price of $12,200 four days before she went from Texas to New York.

On May 11, just a few moments after Wilson was fatally shot, a vehicle that matched the same description was seen coming up in front of her house.

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CarFax data indicates that comparable Jeep models in Armstrong’s condition normally sell for $14,500 to $15,320. According to documents provided to FOX3 by private investigator Jason Jensen, Armstrong sold the vehicle for $2,000 to $3,000 less than its market value.

Jensen is under the impression that Armstrong’s “intention to run” might be deduced from the seemingly hurried and low-priced sale of her vehicle.

“She was discarding her automobile, most likely knowing that authorities could identify her locations through her plates,” Jensen alleged. “She was certainly aware of this possibility.”

At that point in time, the speedy cash was more beneficial to her than the vehicle.

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“She may have also been worried that gunpowder residue, traces of blood, or other DNA could be found in the car, but a dealership will clean the car up before selling it again.”

Jensen and forensic facial imaging expert Michael Streed have created a series of digitally altered photos to demonstrate how Armstrong may have altered her appearance in an effort to elude arrest as the search for the accused killer continues six weeks later.

In a recent interview with FOX3, Jensen stated that there was “nothing particularly distinguishing” about Armstrong’s looks, which indicates that she would “easily be able to adjust her haircut” or color her hair in order to significantly change her image.

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According to Jensen, “it is not unheard of for fugitives to change their appearances in order to elude apprehension for as long as they possibly can.”

“They will frequently alter their hair color and/or style; if they are known to have long hair, they will typically chop it off; if they are known to have short hair, they will typically wear a long wig.

Extensive research by a professional PI led him to conclude that Kaitlin Armstrong, the fugitive noted for her golden hair without bangs, may have dyed it dark brown or black and given herself bangs.

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