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Convicted felon William Redden charged in Stephanie Shenefield’s disappearance

Convicted felon William Redden charged in Stephanie Shenefield’s disappearance



William Redden handed cops crucial evidence linking him to mystery death of Stephanie Shenefield found in a ditch after making major mistake

The Florida guy turned over to the police footage from his home surveillance system that showed him carrying the body of a 38-year-old mother of two the day after she was seen entering his house.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, 51-year-old William Redden is suspected of wrapping Stephanie Shenefield’s lifeless corpse in a sheet, carrying her into his vehicle, and then dumping her body in a ditch. He then fled the scene.

After one in the morning on June 3, Shenefield got an Uber to Redden’s residence.

Shenefield is believed to have passed away at some point during the night, and Redden disposed of the body rather than calling the authorities. The investigation is ongoing.

Redden has been convicted of felony offenses eight times and is suspected of dealing drugs.

He reported to the authorities that she had spent the night at his home and that she had left the next morning.

According to the sheriff’s office, Redden complied with the authorities when they requested if they could check footage from security cameras outside. He told the officers that the cameras only monitor the exterior of his property.

“He explains to them that they do not record audio or video inside the house. It was not his fault, “Sheriff Rick Wells of Manatee County made the statement.

The authorities were able to establish that Shenefield passed away inside the house after watching the surveillance tape.

“William Redden takes no action in response to it. He does not dial 911, he does not contact the authorities, he does not contact anyone else, “Wells stated.

In the afternoon of the following day, Redden was observed dragging the lifeless body through the home.

After seeing the footage, officials returned to Redden’s residence and he refused to speak.

During the course of their search for Shenefield, the sheriff’s office received a call informing them that a body had been discovered in a ditch.

According to Wells, two persons who were wandering across a field close to some railroad tracks happened upon her body, which was buried in a shallow grave.

“The body of Stephanie had advanced stages of decay. It took some time before we were able to correctly identify her, “Wells said.

“However, we are confident in our ability to identify her. Our hearts go out to her during this difficult time.”

At this time, the cause of death cannot be determined.

According to Wells, Redden is currently being investigated for abuse of a body, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of a handgun that has been changed.

During the course of the inquiry, the sheriff stated that he anticipates additional charges being brought against the individual who has been convicted of eight separate felonies.

“We want you to know that our hearts break for the family of Stephanie,” Wells said, adding that the investigation into what happened to Stephanie will continue.

Redden is being kept in custody at this time with a bond set at $108,000.


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