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Dad Roderick Randall arrested After 8-Year-Old Son Fatally Shot 1-Year-Old Girl and Injured Her 2-Year-Old Sister

Dad Roderick Randall arrested After 8-Year-Old Son Fatally Shot 1-Year-Old Girl and Injured Her 2-Year-Old Sister



An eight-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed a one-year-old girl and injured a two-year-old girl at a Florida motel on Saturday night.

A dad from Florida Roderick Randall is facing charges after it was discovered that he had left his pistol unlocked, making it possible for his young son to have access to the weapon and accidently shot two small girls, ages one and two.

Roderick Dwayne Randall, 45, has been recognized as the child’s father, and Escambia County Sheriff Chip W. Simmons has confirmed that the infant did not make it through the ordeal.

According to what Simmons stated at a press conference that took place on Monday, the tragedy occurred at the Lion Motel on the 3100 block of Martin Luther King Driver in Pensacola, Florida. According to the sheriff, Randall was present together with his girlfriend and four children: Randall’s son, who is 8 years old; the girlfriend’s daughter, who is 1 year old; and the girlfriend’s twin girls, who are 2 years old.

Simmons added, “Roderick exits the motel, but he leaves his handgun in the closet.” It would appear that he was under the impression that the holster was secure.

According to the sheriff, the youngster finds the gun because he knows where it is stored.


Simmons said, “He takes the gun out of the holster.” “He started playing with it and accidentally shot the 1-year-old with it, killing her. The bullet then goes through one of the two-year-olds and hurts her, but she is expected to get better.

Kasey Bass, one, was accidentally shot dead by the eight-year-old boy

The shooting was accidental, according to the sheriff.

Simmons claimed that when Randall came back, he grabbed the gun and also grabbed something that the deputies believe to be cocaine. After purportedly leaving, he came back to the location of the incident.

According to WEAR, the victim, a one-year-old child named Kacey Bass, was recognized by her family. According to the arrest report that was received by the outlet, the mother of the victim stated that she was sleeping on the couch at the time of the incident and did not hear any gunshots. She apparently claimed that she had no idea what had taken place.

Records reveal that since 1995, Randall has been detained three times by the Florida Department of Corrections due to convictions for crimes such as narcotics offenses, violently resisting an officer, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. On Sunday, Randall paid a $41,000 bond. There were no online records that could identify a lawyer representing him. According to reports, he will show up in court on July 15.


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