Dad tells 4-year-old to ‘SHOOT cop in McDonald’s in Midvale, Utah

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD child fired a gun at officers inside a McDonald’s, police said

The man in a Honda flashed his gun while pulling up to the drive-through in Midvale, Utah.

Police arrested a male suspect after removing him from a vehicle, but noticed ‘a firearm coming outside the vehicle’ according to Unified Police Department Sheriff Rosie Rivera.

The man allegedly became upset with the restaurant workers when the order he had placed at the drive-through was incorrect. When employees asked him to move forward in the line, he apparently brandished a gun.

When the officer went to deflect the gun, the child pulled the trigger.

Witnesses at the scene say they overheard the father tell the child to shoot.

Officers were able to deflect the gun. A 4-year-old was alleged to have been told by their father to fire the weapon.

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One officer received a small injury to his arm.

The father has been taken into custody, and no one else was harmed during the incident.

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