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Dan Rapoport found dead in Washington DC

Mystery over ‘suicide’ of nightclub tycoon & Putin critic, Dan Rapoport, who suddenly died in Washington DC ‘after releasing dog with note & cash’



Mystery over ‘suicide’ of nightclub tycoon & Putin critic, Dan Rapoport, who suddenly died in Washington DC ‘after releasing dog with note & cash’

Dan Rapoport, who was 52 years old, is said to have tied a suicide note and money to his dog and let it loose in a park in Washington, D.C.

The investor was formerly a well-known personality during Russia’s chaotic 1990s and was once a co-owner of the famous nightclub in Moscow known as Soho Rooms.

In addition to this, he was involved in bringing attention to the suspected corruption of Vladimir Putin and had connections to Alexei Navalny, a critic of the Kremlin who is currently imprisoned.

Rapoport had relocated to Ukraine, married a Kyiv-native virologist who gave birth to a daughter, and was viewed as staunchly pro-Ukrainian.

Yunia Pugacheva, a Russian showbiz reporter based in Los Angeles, said in her first story that he had killed himself by giving his dog money and a suicide note and letting it run free in a park.

But the reliable Russian news source RBC said that his wife Alena Rapoport said he had died, but she denied that he had killed himself.

It was said that she said something along the lines of, “To our great grief, the husband and father of our daughter is no longer with us.”

She did not provide any details regarding the cause of death or the location of the incident, but she did say that an investigation was taking place, however this is something that has not been confirmed.

She added in her denial that her boyfriend had committed suicide, “We were due to meet, he had meetings and arrangements.”

“Dan saved our lives by evacuating us from Kyiv, and then he went back to protect my nation.” Following that, we were meant to get together in the United States.

A previous report given by a Russian journalist, according to which the couple had separated and Rappaport had been seen in London “in the company of young females,” was another claim that she refuted.

Alena stated that there were no notes, there was no suicide, there was no travel to London, and there was no divorce.

Telegram channel for Russian entertainment industry In addition, Tatler’s Heroine was against the idea that suicide was the most common cause of dying.

According to rumors, Rapoport fled Russia because of his support for Alexei Navalny, the most prominent opponent of Vladimir Putin who is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence and is considered a political prisoner in the West.

In 2016, he sold his Washington, D.C. house and moved to Ukraine in an attempt to replicate his financial success in Moscow just after the fall of communism.

The residence that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner later occupied.

Rapoport was shown to be behind a bogus Pentagon lieutenant colonel named David Jewberg, who was actively supported by the Russian opposition, according to the independent investigative reporting website Bellingcat.

Jewberg seemed to be a strong and well-informed critic of the Putin regime, its use of online trolls, and its attempts to silence critics.

Steve Ferro, a university classmate of Latvian-born Rapoport, was revealed to be pictured.

It appeared that Rapoport was responsible for Jewberg’s critiques of Putin.

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