Denise Richards Joins OnlyFans After Supporting Daughter Sami’s Account

Denise Richards, 51, launches her OWN OnlyFans just days after ex Charlie Sheen hit out over teen daughter Sami’s Account

Denise Richards is not only backing the decision that her daughter made to make an account on OnlyFans, but she is also actively involved in that action herself.

In addition to that, she distributed a 15-second video clip of herself walking on beach while dressed in a white dress.

Get your thoughts out of the gutter; what we mean is that Denise made the announcement on Thursday that she will be starting her own OnlyFans. This choice comes one week after Denise’s daughter Sami Sheen, who is 18 years old, made the same one.

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Denise is demanding $25 per month for access to her unique content, which is somewhat more than the $19.99 charge that Sami, who is 18 years old, is charging.

We’ve already informed you that Denise prevailed in her battle with Charlie Sheen over their daughter’s out-of-home placement (OF). Charlie was adamantly opposed to Sami publishing content on the website, which features nudity posted by a large number of users (though not all of them).

Denise stated, “I wish I had the self-assurance that my daughter, who is 18, had. In addition, I am unable to pass judgment on the decisions that she has made. I participated in Wild Things and Playboy, and her father shouldn’t be either, to tell you the truth. And to be able to dismiss the negative feedback at such a young age? It took me a lot of years, and I still have my moments of weakness.”

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Later on, Charlie altered his tune and admitted that Denise had made some valid arguments. He also stated that he believed it was essential for both of Sami’s parents to show their support.

Something leads us to believe that he won’t have any problems with Denise moving to OnlyFans.

They have a saying that goes, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

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