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Disturbing moment showing a laughing mother gave her 10-month-old baby a vape to inhale

The video shows the child writhing and coughing while the women watch and laugh at his response.

Online, there has been a release of concerning videos showing a baby boy being offered a vape to suck on while his young mother finds amusement in his distress.

The footage reveals the infant coughing after inhaling the harmful vapor, leading to outraged calls for the child to be taken away from the mother.

One of the clips shows a woman holding the vape and saying, “Want to try?” before putting it to the child’s lips and making him inhale.

The video shows the child writhing and coughing while the women watch and laugh at his response.

Upon being notified of the footage, the NSW Police visited a residence in Kempsey, located on the Mid North Coast, to investigate the well-being of the 10-month-old infant.

The NSW Police are currently conducting an investigation into the incident, and the boy has been taken to the hospital for assessment.

The video has elicited a horrified reaction from social media users, who condemned the mother for her actions. One individual commented, “That’s so sad,” while another wrote, “Disgusting behavior.

As a mother myself, I don’t understand how people can subject their babies to this.” A third person remarked, “Every baby deserves a parent, but not every parent deserves a baby.”

However, the boy’s mother responded to the criticism in an unusual, profanity-laden Facebook post, dismissing the negative comments and insulting those who made them, saying “You ain’t perfect either, so keep that mouth going. You ain’t scary, you’re nothing but bums.”

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