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Dixie Diner Owner Paulette Clark dies after shot in face with air rifle, 2 relatives charged

Dixie Diner Owner Paulette Clark dies after shot in face with air rifle, 2 relatives charged

Officials say a 60-year-old Paulette Clark died after being blasted in the face with an air weapon.

According to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, the woman’s son and grandson have now been charged in her death.

The charges date back to May 6, when deputies were dispatched to a home in Hendersonville, about 25 miles south of Asheville, a popular mountain tourist destination.

During a news conference on May 23, Sheriff Lowell S. Griffin stated, “First responders arrived to find Ms. Paulette Clark with substantial head and face trauma.” “Deputies and investigators were told at the time that the assailant was unknown.”

Before Clark died on May 13, the sheriff’s office began an inquiry. According to the sheriff, officials revealed she died after an object passed through her eye during the assault and harmed her brain.

According to WLOS, Clark was a lifelong waitress who eventually realised her dream of owning a restaurant. After the purported attack on Clark, she owned the Dixie Diner, where a photo suggests a memorial had begun.

Jordan Collins, who is her granddaughter, told WLOS, “She was a wonderful person.” “She’d give the shirt off her back to anyone.”

But on May 6, officials said that her grandson Austin Amos Kennedy Byrnside and her son Maurice Jones Jr. had planned to rob her.

Austin Amos Kennedy Byrnside

Griffin said, “Byrnside hit Mrs. Clark with the butt of an air rifle, and he also fired the air rifle very close to Mrs. Clark’s eye.” “The air rifle’s bullet went by her eye and got stuck in her brain.”

After a few weeks, Byrnside is charged with first-degree murder and plotting to steal with a dangerous weapon. Jones, the 22-year-uncle, old’s is also charged with conspiracy. Jones is 42 years old.

The two people were caught and put in jail in Henderson County. As of May 23, officials said that an investigation was still going on.

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