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Elon Musk’s Transgender Daughter Xavier Musk Files to Change Her Name

Elon Musk’s Transgender Daughter Xavier Musk Files to Change Her Name



One of Elon Musk’s children does not want to have anything to do with their father and has submitted paperwork to legally drop his renowned last name. In addition to this, she is altering her complete name and legally claiming that she is transgender.

The paperwork was submitted to the Los Angeles County Clerk’s Office by Xavier Musk… at least that was the name she was given at birth, but now that she is 18 years old (she turned 18 in April), she claims that she would want to go by the name Vivian Jenna Wilson.

She states that she wants to be acknowledged as a female in the documents; nevertheless, the reason for the name change is not merely because she is transitioning; rather, it is because there is an obvious breach with dear old Dad. The explanation that Vivian gives for changing her name is “Gender Identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be associated to my biological father in any way, shape, or form.” Vivian made this statement when she changed her name legally.

Neither Elon nor Vivian has ever discussed their relationship or her transition in a public setting before. Neither has Elon. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that Elon tweeted his support for the transgender population back in December 2020, but he also added, “All these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare.”

Griffin is Vivian’s identical twin brother, and the Wilson surname was passed down to them by their mother, the Canadian author Justine Wilson, who was married to Elon from the years 2000 until 2008.

The hearing about the name change for Vivian is scheduled for this coming Friday.


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