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Emmy-nominated actress Barbara Bosson has passed away at 83

Her son and director, Jesse Bochco, shared the news of her demise on social media.



Barbara Bosson, renowned for portraying Fay Furrillo in Hill Street Blues and receiving five Emmy nominations consecutively, passed away at the age of 83 on February 18.

Her son and director, Jesse Bochco, shared the news of her demise on social media.

Bosson’s remarkable performance as Fay Furillo lasted for six seasons on NBC’s Hill Street Blues, which was produced by her former spouse, Steven Bochco.

Additionally, Bosson earned an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of prosecutor Miriam Grasso in ABC’s Murder One.

Jesse Bochco expressed his love for his mother, saying that she had an abundance of spirit and energy, and her love was apparent when she gave it.

Conversely, when she didn’t love someone, they would know it. She will always be remembered fondly. Bosson began her career in the Steve McQueen film Bullitt and CBS’s detective series Mannix, then went on to become one of the leads on NBC’s Richie Brockelan, Private Eye.

She also appeared in Cop Rock, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, ABC’s Total Security, and the TV movie Scattering Dad. However, she is most recognized for her portrayal of the needy ex-wife of Capt. Frank Furrillo (Daniel J.

Travanti) on Hill Street Blues, which aired on NBC from 1981-87. Although the show, created by Steven Bochco-Michael Kozoll, wasn’t initially a big hit, ranking only 27th among primetime series in its first season and never breaking into the Top 20 in a three-network universe, it went on to become a significant success.

The show had a massive impact, receiving critical acclaim and amassing 26 Emmys and dozens more nominations during its run. Its unique procedural/serial format focused more on the characters and their interactions – and police department politics — than the crimes they investigated, turning older cop dramas on their heads. It influenced other acclaimed series such as Homicide: Life on the Street and NYPD Blue and continues to resonate today.

Bosson appeared on the show from 1981-86, receiving Supporting Actress Emmy nominations every year from 1981-85. Hill Street Blues was the first show to win four consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series, from 1981-84. Since then, The West Wing and Mad Men have matched that feat.


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