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Escaped inmate Gonzalo Lopez killed grandfather and four kids before being shot by cops

Escaped inmate Gonzalo Lopez killed grandfather and four kids before being shot by cops



A grandpa and four children are thought to have been killed by escaped convict Gonzalo Lopez at their family holiday house.

Lopez, 46, was killed in a gunfight with police on Thursday evening after detectives suspected him of involvement in a family murder in Centerville, Texas, hours earlier.

There was a letter from the Tomball Independent School District stating that all four children were their students on Friday.

“The escaped Texas fugitive near Centerville took the lives of four Tomball ISD youngsters and their grandfather on Thursday,” the school said in a statement.

To lose four youngsters in such a horrific manner is heartbreaking, and our prayers go out to their loved ones and friends, as well as the grandfather who raised them,

The victims’ identities are still being withheld.

The gunfight took place in Jourdanton, Texas, which is just south of San Antonio.

The police say Lopez had an AR-15 and a handgun in the car, both of which were probably from the house where he killed the family.

Someone called the Texas Department of Criminal Justice because they were worried about an elderly relative they hadn’t heard from in a while.

When police went to the house, they found the bodies and saw that a car was also missing.

A white Chevrolet Silverado from 1999 could not be found at the house.

Police thought Lopez might have been driving the car and that he had a gun.

On May 12, Lopez got away from a prison bus that was going to Huntsville for a doctor’s appointment.

Lopez was tied down by his hands and legs, but he was able to cut through the expanded metal of the cage and crawl out of the bottom, TDCJ said.

Lopez then hit the bus driver, which made the driver stop the bus. During the fight, the bus driver was stabbed and hurt in the hand and chest, but he was able to get better.

Jason Clark, the chief of staff for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said that the driver had been stabbed in the hand and chest.

Then, a police officer at the back of the bus got off and went up to Lopez. But the prisoner got back on and started to drive.

Officers fired at Lopez, and by shooting the bus’s back tire, they were able to stop it. Lopez got off the bus and ran into the woods before the bus could go much farther.

There were 16 other prisoners on the bus with them, but none of them got away.

Last month, TDCJ spokesman Robert Hurst said, “He’s smart.” “He did this before in Webb County, South Texas. He hid for almost nine days.”

Lopez has been in trouble with the law for a long time. In 1996, he was found guilty of two counts of aggravated assault.

He was given an eight-year prison sentence.

Then, in 2006, Lopez was found guilty of murdering someone to death and kidnapping someone seriously. He was given a life sentence.

After being found guilty of trying to kill someone with the death penalty in another county, Lopez got a second life sentence in 2007.

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