New update in case of missing teen farmer Dylan Rounds

A MAJOR update has been revealed in the case of a missing farmer Dylan Rounds who mysteriously disappeared after a ‘weird run in” with a man on a dirt road.

The 19-year-old Dylan Round’s family had their final phone conversation with him on May 28, the day before he mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

It has been confirmed by his family that the FBI has began examining a number of houses in the Park Valley area of Utah, where they have offered a reward of $20,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Jaz Girlson, a friend of the family, said on a Facebook page dedicated to the investigation that a number of unidentified things had been taken into custody by the authorities as they searched the area for evidence.

She did, however, dispel rumors that an official murder scene had been uncovered, pointing out that the site may have been roped off to accommodate a nearby Burning Man festival at Stargazer Ranch.

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After a preliminary investigation of a significant scale turned up no definitive results, the authorities are still looking into the possibility that there was some sort of foul play involved.

According to the Chief Deputy of the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office, Cade Palmer, “If anybody is connected with Dylan’s disappearance, they need to know we’re not going to go away.”

We are going to continue to knock on doors no matter how long this takes; whether it is months or years.

At the beginning of this month, the boots belonging to Rounds were discovered by the police near the city of Lucin, yards away from his grain truck and facing the other direction of his RV campground.

Candice Cooley, his mother, found it strange that his boots had a spot of blood on them.

According to what she said to FOX3, “At that point, it should have been treated as foul play.”

“You simply don’t see someone’s missing boots in the desert.”

A prior statement from a spokeswoman for the FBI stated that the agency is collaborating with the deputies from Box Elder County on the investigation.

In an interview with East Idaho News, spokesperson Sandra Barker stated that the company “routinely offers our support and resources to our law enforcement colleagues.”

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Cooley said she was glad the agency was taking on her son’s case, but she was not happy with how the local government has helped the family.

She stated that investigators had initially done an excellent job of their duties and went on to say that “When Box Elder County came out, they came out on Monday, May 30.”

“However, by the time they returned the following day, the sheriffs and everyone else had called it, it was around 2:30 in the afternoon.

The woman alleged that “they essentially abandoned our family out in the wilderness to figure out what happened.”

The last time anyone saw Dylan, he was allegedly hard at work on his farm, the same place where he had a peculiar run-in with an unknown man a few days previously.

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“The man had no shoes on and was making his way along the dirt road. He signaled Dylan, who was driving his pickup, to pull over “Katie Wells, Rounds’ aunt, shared this information with East Idaho News.

She went on to say that Rounds had phone conversations with multiple members of the man’s family the Wednesday before he went missing.

” He was behaving in an unpredictable manner and requested to use Dylan’s phone.

“Dylan had the impression that the other person was risky and possibly high. Dylan did not provide him with transportation despite the fact that he had asked for it.”

After a few days had passed, the man was reportedly seen in Montello, Nevada, inquiring about Rounds. This information comes from Wells.

According to additional accounts, the unknown male may have been given a ride to the trailer where the teen was staying on Saturday.

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