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Father Aaron Beck who killed himself after accidentally leaving  son, Anderson to die in hot car

Aaron Beck, 37, took his own life after realizing he had left his young son, Anderson, in the back of a hot car on June 28

Aaron Beck, 37, took his own life after realizing he had left his young son, Anderson, in the back of a hot car on June 28

On June 28, Aaron Beck, 37, committed suicide in a rural location outside his Virginia house after realizing he had mistakenly left his toddler son Anderson, age one, in the backseat.

After Anderson failed to arrive for daycare, his family called the police. When family members alerted police that Beck had been expressing thoughts of suicide, officers went to the residence.

“When they arrived, they saw the family in the driveway with the door open and the car’s kid seat vacant. When they entered the house, they discovered an 18-month-old who had died, “said Lt. Col. Christopher Hensley of the Chesterfield Police.

Police suspect Beck went to work early in the morning during a heatwave after forgetting to drop his son off at daycare.

On the day that they passed away, the temperature had gotten as high as 80 degrees.

A coroner has established beyond a reasonable doubt that Beck took his own life, although Anderson’s cause of death has not yet been identified.

As a demonstration of his unwavering loyalty and unwavering love for his son, Aaron gave his life for him. His family will remember him as a kind and loving son, brother, and father, and everyone who met him will honor the profound love he had for their wife and his cherished son, Anderson. He will be remembered by his family as a generous and caring son, brother, and father.”

Beck was described as “generous, compassionate, kind, and tender with his kid” in the obituary.

“The unselfish nature of his love served as a living testimony to the boundless potential of fatherhood and the boundless potential of the human heart.”

The family has established a GoFundMe account in order to help with the costs of the funerals for both the father and the son, as well as Beck’s wife’s ongoing living expenses.

Lauren Riegel, Beck’s step-sister, posted about the fundraiser and her own remembrance on Facebook.

“It was quite challenging to compose this post. Last week, my stepbrother and his adorable kid died.

“Aaron was a wonderful husband and father to his lovely wife, Laura. She is totally destroyed, and she faces a difficult and protracted journey.”

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Officers and detectives are currently on scene conducting an investigation.


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