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Final pic shows nurse Yasmili Araujo climbing to zip wire platform moments before she fell to her death

A CHILLING final picture shows a nurse Yasmili Araujo climbing 60ft to a rickety zip wire platform moments before she plunged to her death at the Piracema Park Club.



A CHILLING final picture shows a nurse Yasmili Araujo climbing 60ft to a rickety zip wire platform moments before she plunged to her death.

On July 2, Yasmili Araujo, age 23, had traveled to a water park with her boyfriend and some of their mutual friends.

It was reported by witnesses that she climbed to the top of the zip line platform at the Piracema Park Club in Brazil without using any kind of safety.

However, just as she was about to be given a safety belt, she fell through a gap and crashed to the ground below.

According to the firefighters who attended to her at the site in the city of Rio Branco, which is located in the north of the country, she had a really significant fall.

The unfortunate nurse tragically passed away on the route to the hospital despite having been taken there by paramedics with many fractures.

Yasmili is purportedly seen in terrifying photos from the waterpark ascending a ladder to the platform before she vanished through a hole and fell to her death.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding her passing have prompted the police to open an investigation.

We established a system to determine what truly transpired, deputy Alex Danny Tavares said to G1.

“Neither the expertise nor the emergency service team were called, therefore we are unable to determine whether the location was preserved as it should have been.

“However, the necessary expert work has already been done, and we will hear from witnesses.

“The persons and documents of the scenario are what will be helpful.

“From now on, we will listen to witnesses, anticipate the expertise’s findings, together with details on the witnesses and the scene, and wait for them.”

Fireman lieutenant Eurico Fernando claimed that not even an engineer had approved the zipline’s launch platform.

Mr. Fernando added that the park’s use of zip lines was not authorized.

In addition to this, he asserted that it had been hastily erected only the morning of the recent graduate’s passing.

It was put together at the last minute and ready on the morning of the second, he said.

“They did it really rapidly; perhaps the haste with which this building was put together is the predominant aspect in trying to explain what transpired.”

The water park issued the following statement in response to the incident: “Piracema Park Club extended every support and attention to the young woman’s family and, following the accident, closed the operations of the attraction…

It “will only resume operation following an appropriate authority investigation about the accident’s causes.”

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