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Former New Jersey Central Regional School District Triantafillos Parlapanides STILL being paid his salary despite resigning

The board looked at attorney Christopher Dasti who said: ‘He is still being paid.’



Despite resigning in disgrace after falsely labeling a teenager driven to suicide by bullies as a drug abuser, former New Jersey Central Regional School District superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides is still receiving his annual salary of $190,000.

This information was disclosed during a tense public forum held in Bayville on Thursday, which was prompted by the tragic death of 14-year-old Adriana Kuch.

During the forum, a concerned father who chose to remain anonymous asked school officials if Parlapanides was still receiving pay from the school district.

Throughout the entire meeting, I have been eagerly anticipating an answer to this question. Could you please confirm whether he is still receiving payment?

The individual directing the question at the school officials then turned to attorney Christopher Dasti, who was present at the meeting.

After Dasti confirmed that the ex-superintendent was still being paid, the concerned parent asked: “Why?”

When the concerned parent asked why the ex-superintendent was still being paid, attorney Christopher Dasti responded with “That’s a personal matter,” without offering any further explanation.

The response elicited a strong and emotional reaction from the crowd, which was quickly silenced by the sound of the meeting chair’s gavel as she called for order.

Additional details as to why Parlapanides is still being paid remain unknown, and no information was provided during the meeting about how much longer he will continue to receive his salary.

Parlapanides resigned last week after sending an email that wrongly suggested 14-year-old Adriana Kuch – who had taken her own life following relentless bullying – had been offered counseling for drug abuse.

In the email, he also made unfounded allegations about Adriana’s father, a military veteran. Specifically, Parlapanides claimed that Michael had an affair when Adriana was young that led to her mother’s suicide, and that Michael had then moved the woman with whom he had the affair into their home.

The ex-superintendent suggested that this turmoil may have contributed to the circumstances that led to Adriana’s suicide. Adriana was discovered dead in a closet at her home on February 3, and had shared her experiences of being bullied prior to taking her life.

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