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Fox News’ Gianno Caldwell’s younger brother, Christian Caldwell killed in Chicago shooting

Fox News’ Gianno Caldwell’s younger brother, Christian Caldwell killed in Chicago shooting



Fox News’ Gianno Caldwell’s teen brother Christian Caldwell shot dead in Chicago weekend of violence that also left baby dead

According to a statement that the Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell made on social media, his younger brother was slain in a shooting that took place over the weekend in Chicago.

He wrote: “Devastating news: Yesterday was legitimately the worst day of my existence. I received a call informing me that my teenage baby brother Christian was murdered on the south side of Chicago yesterday morning. After all the things my family has been through never could I have imagined my baby brother’s life would be stolen from him. Please keep my family in your prayers,”, including a picture of himself and his brother wearing a graduation cap and gown.

On Sunday, the Chicago Police Department did not answer a request for comment right away.

According to FOX3, at least three people were slain throughout the course of the weekend in gunshots that took place throughout the city. A dozen persons were injured. The youngest victim was a child who was only five months old when she was shot and murdered. The unidentified vehicle that approached and opened fire on the infant while she was in the automobile was the cause of her death. According to the news channel, the infant suffered a gunshot wound to the head and later passed away at the hospital.

Caldwell, who was born in Chicago and began working for Fox News in 2017, has frequently addressed the issue of crime in the Windy City. Caldwell became overcome with emotion when speaking about another brother who had been shot but had survived in a television segment that aired in 2018 on Fox News.

“There are a great number of people living in the city of Chicago that go through this amount of suffering. How many different families! It appears that there are dead black bodies strewn across the street on a daily basis,” he stated, pleading with the mayor and the president at the time, Donald Trump, to intervene “and find a solution to this catastrophe.”


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