Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration suspects identified as Dave Begay, Jefferey Begay, and Davidson Begay, Wife Breanna Billy confirmed

Dave Begay wife Breanna Billy confirmed that she and her daughter does not deserve this, he should be in jail after drove car on people at Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration

Breanna Billy post on Facebook, “Y’all can hate on these 3 but not me, I had nothing to do with it n my daughter doesn’t deserve to see her father “Dave Begay” so don’t hate on me…..they deserve to go to jail after what they did to those people”

I am so sorry to the people that got hurt in the parade, that was my baby daddy that ran over those people with his brothers Jefferey BEGAY and Davidson BEGAY. They should be in prison for what they have done.

NMSP is investigating an incident involving multiple pedestrians at the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration. Multiple people, including two Gallup PD officers, injured and are being treated on scene. The driver is in custody.

This evening, August 4, a vehicle drove into the entered the Gallup Ceremonial Parade route while the parade was in progress. Police were able to detain the car and its three occupants. Multiple spectators or parade participants were injured.

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Gallup Police were at the Gallup Ceremonial Parade, and they were able to detain the suspects who were involved in the situation in which a vehicle entered the Gallup Ceremonial Parade route while the parade was in progress.

During the Gallup Ceremonial Parade this evening, a golden Tahoe reportedly drove down Aztec Avenue going about 60 mph. The vehicle turned on to Second St., and allegedly almost hit a man and a baby.

The vehicle crashed into a silver Honda and black Ford Explorer, and then proceeded to crash into Red Shell Jewelry’s front window.

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A suspect allegedly got out of the vehicle and took off running down Route 66. They were later caught by police officers.

There has been no reported injuries, although one woman was put in an ambulance because she was suffering from shock.

This is an ongoing investigation, and more information will become available at a later time.

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