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Gas explosion at block of flats in Bedford leaves 2 people taken to hospital

Two people have been taken to hospital, one with serious injuries, after a “major gas explosion” at a block of flats in Bedford.



Two people have been taken to hospital, one with serious injuries, after a “major gas explosion” at a block of flats in Bedford.

The fire broke out in the Redwood Grove neighborhood of the town at approximately 09:30 BST and spread to twenty different apartments.

Witness Alex Feltham reported hearing “a massive boom,” and upon investigation, he discovered that the roof of the apartment building had been severely damaged. According to him, the fire spread very quickly.

According to the police, two people were injured as a result of the “large fire” that was produced by the explosion.

One of the residents said that they saw someone leap out of a window on the second level in order to escape the blazing building.

The eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “I walked to town and observed the flames, as well as witnessed someone jump from the second-floor window when flames were bursting out.”

For evacuees and anyone in need of assistance, a crisis center has been established in Bedford’s John Bunyan Centre, according to the police.

Authorities from the fire department and Bedfordshire Police have warned locals to stay away.

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service stated that a “large gas explosion” was the cause of the fire, and they advised residents to keep their doors and windows shut.

Witness Following the sound of the “boom,” according to Mr. Feltham, the apartment building turned into “a blazing flame.”

He stated that there was a significant amount of damage.

Adam Fisher, a second witness, characterized the event as “a massive explosion.”

Everyone gathered in the work parking lot to watch the events unfold, he claimed.

“Our building is adjacent to the apartment complex, and instantly an inferno was apparent, along with a massive smoke cloud billowing, people shouting, and people frantically ringing for emergency services.”

The three-story building where the explosion occurred, as well as a nearby apartment building, have both been evacuated. According to police, they are “working as swiftly as we can to get residents back into their homes as quickly as possible.”

In the neighborhood, a primary school has also been closed.

Due to the close proximity of the Shackleton Primary School to the fire that occurred earlier today in the Redwood Grove neighborhood of Bedford, the school’s headmaster, Andy George, has informed parents that their children will be staying home from school today.

“Every child is safe, and the school is coordinating with local authorities to provide assistance. It is anticipated that classes would resume the following day.”

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