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Gershon Fuentes accused of raping 10-year-old who had to leave Ohio for abortion

AN arrest has been made in the case of a pregnant 10-year-old girl who was allegedly raped twice by Gershon Fuentes, court documents revealed on Wednesday.



AN arrest has been made in the case of a pregnant 10-year-old girl who was allegedly raped twice, court documents revealed on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a man in Columbus was charged with the alleged pregnancy of a 10-year-old girl who was forced to go outside of Ohio in order to obtain an abortion.

Gerson Fuentes, age 27, was arraigned in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court on the allegation of raping a child younger than 13 years old. He was ordered to be detained on a bond of $2 million.

Statements that were made during the arraignment hearing and in a news release from Attorney General Dave Yost both confirmed that the victim in this case was a child of ten years old. In addition to this, it was mentioned that the victim had an abortion in the city of Indianapolis.

The controversy surrounding abortion has reached a fever pitch in recent days when it was reported by a news station in Indiana that a physician in that state had been contacted by a physician in Ohio for assistance in obtaining an abortion for a girl of that age. A law in Ohio that prohibits abortions beyond around six weeks of gestation has been assailed by pro-choice advocates, and others have begun to question whether or not the story is even accurate.

During an appearance on Fox News this week, Yost stated that there is not a single case that has a request for research that even somewhat resembles this one.


After the arraignment, however, he congratulated the Columbus police department on their capture of Fuentes.

In a statement, Yost expressed his feelings by saying, “My heart breaks for the sorrow caused by this innocent child.” “I would like to express my gratitude to the Columbus Police Department for their hard work in obtaining a confession and taking a rapist off the streets,” said the victim.

The anti-abortion organization Ohio Right to Life likewise expressed skepticism regarding the report’s veracity, stating that “we really need to question the source of this.” In reaction to the allegations, the group prayed for the victim but also referred to the abortion as a “band-aid solution” that “just added to the grief and brutality that had been perpetrated against her.”

The other side of the argument is that a state legislator and even President Joe Biden are appalled by the fact that the girl had to travel outside of the state to obtain an abortion.


The previous week, Biden was quoted as saying, “Ten years old; raped; six weeks pregnant; already scarred.” “[She] had no choice but to go to a different state. Just put yourself in her shoes for a moment.

“Does anyone think that the highest majority of people in this state or anywhere else in the country think that this shouldn’t be able to be dealt with? Should a 10-year-old girl be forced to give birth to the child of a man who raped her? What can I say? I don’t. I can’t think of anything more extreme than that.”

State Sen. Tina Maharath (D-Columbus), who pushed for a bill that would let people in Ohio sue over an unplanned pregnancy, said that the law as it is now is terrible.

“I’m glad she had enough money to get out of Ohio for a needed medical procedure,” Maharath said.


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