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Ghislaine Maxwell placed on suicide watch in solitary confinement

Ghislaine Maxwell placed on suicide watch in solitary confinement



Ghislaine Maxwell placed on suicide watch and forced to wear special ‘smock’ in solitary confinement ahead of sentencing

This week, the socialite who is now 60 years old will find out how much longer she will be required to remain in jail.

A federal judge in Manhattan will sentence Maxwell, who was convicted guilty of sex trafficking and grooming last year, on Wednesday. Prosecutors have asked that she be sentenced to 30 years.

And now, only a few days before her sentencing, her lawyer has stated that his client has been placed on suicide watch in a court file.

Saturday was the day that Bobbi Sternheim delivered a letter to US District Judge Alison Nathan in which she emphasized that her client “is not suicidal.”

Sternheim said that Maxwell was taken away from the other prisoners “suddenly” and put in solitary confinement “without a psychological evaluation and for no reason.”

She also mentioned that Maxwell was forced to put on a “suicide smock,” which is a large piece of thick, durable fabric that cannot be cut, torn, twisted, or fashioned into a noose in any other way.

Sternheim noted that if Maxwell continues to be under suicide watch, she will try to get the sentencing moved forward.

Sternheim wrote, “If Ms. Maxwell stays on suicide watch, isn’t allowed to read legal materials before being sentenced, can’t get enough sleep, and isn’t given enough time to meet with and talk with her lawyer, we will formally move for an adjournment on Monday.”

A defense attorney has described the three women against whom Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking and grooming for Jeffrey Epstein as being “only the tip of the iceberg” in this case.

Lisa Bloom stated that there are dozens of additional victims and urged them to come forward so that Maxwell may spend the rest of his life behind bars.

While everything is going on, Maxwell, who is currently detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, is doing all in her power to have her sentence reduced because she asserts that she was the victim in this situation.

Her legal representation has asserted that she is a weak woman whose troubled upbringing made her susceptible to exploitation at the hands of the billionaire financier Epstein.

They have appealed with the judge to not punish her as a “proxy for Epstein,” which means that Epstein should not be punished.

Her legal team is advocating for a maximum sentence of five years, arguing that their client has been subjected to “degrading” treatment and has been threatened with death.

It comes after another victim, Annie Farmer, spoke up earlier this week about how the famed photo of Prince Andrew with his arm around a teenage Virginia at the time put her in a state of shock.

Ms. Farmer stated in a statement before to the New York court hearing, “I remember literally shivering at my desk in a Houston hospital after seeing the photo of Maxwell with Virginia Giuffre and Prince Andrew, as it became apparent to me that their scam had persisted.”

The photograph depicts Andrew at Maxwell’s London apartment in 2001, with Maxwell grinning in the background.

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