Girl aged 11 pregnant with twins after raped by her mother’s boyfriend in Tanque do Piaui demands an abortion

A GIRL aged 11 is pregnant with twins after she was allegedly raped by her mother’s boyfriend in Brazil.

After an additional 11-year-old girl was controversially denied access to an abortion by a judge, this horrific act of rape is the second to upset the nation in recent days.

In Brazil, getting an abortion is illegal with a few exceptions: if the mother’s life is in danger, if the pregnancy is the consequence of rape, or if the unborn child has only a portion of a fully developed brain.

Even in these circumstances, the procedure must be performed by the 20th week of the pregnancy at the latest.

A judge named Joana Ribeiro Zimmer, 43, infuriated a large number of people earlier this week when she denied a request for an abortion from a girl who was 11 years old.

When she finally told her mother about the assault and went to the hospital for assistance, she was 22 weeks along in her pregnancy.

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Following the judge’s decision to order the birth of the child despite the fact that there are prospective adoptive parents on the waiting list, an investigation has been opened into the judge’s actions.

Tanque do Piaui is the location of a new incident with a different girl of the same age who is pregnant with twins.

After the doctors stated that they required a court order in order for an abortion to be legal, the case was brought before a judge.

According to the reports from the area, because she is just 14 weeks pregnant, the abortion was permitted, and she is currently waiting for the surgery.

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On June 6, the youngster was checked into a maternity hospital, two days after police made an arrest in connection with the alleged rape of the girl by a male aged 35.

According to the spokesman for the police department, Felipe Andrade, the suspect and the mother of the victim had been dating for one year.

It is alleged that the man sexually abused the girl when the girl’s mother was not present in the house.

According to Andrade, the victim was threatened by the offender so that she would keep quiet about the abuse.

“When the mother found out that her daughter was pregnant, she questioned her partner, who admitted to having raped her daughter and even threatened her.

“The mother contacted child services herself, and they in turn contacted the authorities over the situation.”

The suspect is still being held at a detention facility in Altos at this time.

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Because of Brazil’s restrictive abortion law, hundreds of thousands of women every year are forced to seek potentially life-threatening operations in back alleys.

Abortion is only lawful in Brazil under certain circumstances such as rape, foetal anencephaly, or danger to the mother’s life, according to the pro-choice IPAS campaign.

On the other hand, it is believed that one million Brazilian women get abortions every single year.

“When they choose to terminate an undesired pregnancy, many of these women put themselves in serious legal jeopardy, particularly those who lack the financial or social resources to consult a physician who is properly qualified and ready to assist them.

“The repercussions on one’s physical health can likewise be catastrophic.”

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