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2 persons dead, 1 wounded in Green River Mass shooting

3 dead in Green River Mass shooting



Two dead in Green River shooting as cops hunt fugitive gunman who walked into bar and opened fire

This situation is still unfolding. Please find the initial press release attached.

At this point all indications show Wolf was acting alone. Wolf has not been apprehended at this time, however, there is strong evidence Wolf is currently contained by officers of the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office, Green River Police Department, and Rock Springs Police Department in an industrial area north of Rock Springs. The Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigations and the FBI are assisting SWAT teams with the incident.

We urge the public to stay clear of the area from Elk and Yellowstone to Villa Lane north of Rock Springs, and also Railroad Ave in Green River, as officers are still on scene.

At this time we do not have a releasable photo of the suspect. The case is still actively being investigated and we will have updates to be released as soon as they are available.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of everyone affected by this tragedy.



According to reports, on June 23, a gunman entered a bar in Green River and started shooting.

According to reports, one person has been hurt and at least three individuals have died.

The victims’ identities are unknown.

According to reports, the pub was closed, and police are looking for a suspect.


Police have not provided any details about the shooter.

Locals have been advised to seek shelter while the manhunt is ongoing.

Online rumours concerning the incident have been spread by social media users.


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