Uvalde shooting: Gunman could have been stopped within three minutes

There were enough police on the scene of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting to have stopped the gunman three minutes after he entered the building, Texas’s public safety chief has testified.

During an investigation by the state Senate, Steven McCraw testified that the police response was a “abject failure.”

He leveled the accusation that the commander on the site prioritized the safety of the cops over that of the children.

A team of law enforcement officers entered the classrooms after waiting outside for more than an hour.

During the public hearing, Mr. McCraw, who is the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), stated, “The policemen had firearms, but the children did not.” While the officers were protected by body armor, the youngsters were not. In contrast to the officers, the suspect had no prior training. The children and the teachers were trapped in Room 111 for a total of one hour, fourteen minutes, and eight seconds before they were freed.

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After the subject entered the west building, there were enough armed cops in body armor to isolate, distract, and neutralize the subject in three minutes.

The police response to the Robb Elementary School massacre on May 24, which claimed the lives of 21 people (including 19 pupils and two teachers), has enraged many parents and family members.

Police chief Pete Arredondo of Uvalde schools police waited for radio and guns, shields, and SWAT to arrive at the area, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Earlier in June, Mr. Arredondo stated that he did not consider himself the incident commander and did not issue any orders to police to refrain from entering the area.

His two radios were placed outside the school so that he could keep his hands free for his revolver, according to the Texas Tribune.

Earlier on Tuesday, the first photographs emerged showing armed police officers waiting in a school corridor with rifles and at least one ballistic shield. The officers were seen in the images wearing body armor.

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According to the Austin American-Statesman and KVUE-TV, which have both seen documents related to the investigation, the police arrived to the scene of the attack sooner and with greater weaponry than was initially reported.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the newly discovered material indicates that Mr. Arredondo attempted to speak to the gunman and asked him whether he could hear him.

Even though it had not been determined whether or not the classroom doors were locked, the police waited for a master key to come so that they could unlock the classroom doors. However, there were also tools available that could have been used to break down the doors if they had been locked.

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In the end, agents of the United States Border Patrol Tactical Unit were successful in taking the life of the gunman.

During the attack, youngsters were dialing 911 in a frenzied manner to report many people who had been shot. Additionally, concerned parents attempted to rush into the school, but they were forcefully blocked from entering by the police.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has not issued a statement regarding the most recent reports.

The incident that was carried out by an 18-year-old man named Salvador Ramos has sparked a fresh round of discussion over tightening the nation’s firearms laws.

At a meeting of the school board on Monday, the parents of the victims and other members of the community demanded Mr. Arredondo’s resignation in response to the events of the previous day.

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